We in Cashel Community School believe students are more successful in school when parents take an active interest in their homework , it shows students that what they do is important. “Active involvement of parents during their student’s homework provides an ideal context for developing them as first educators of their students.” (News Education, October 2015)

Homework can take a variety of forms including:
• Written assignments
• Creative Assignments
• Learning Assignments
• Revision Work
• Collecting information for projects
• Listening to tapes or CD’s
• Preparing for debates, role plays etc.

A topic covered in class has to be studied for the next class and so it must be recorded in the Student Record Book. (SRB)

All homework, irrespective of format must be recorded in the SRB which is given by the school to the students specifically for this purpose. The Record Book is signed on a weekly basis by the parents/guardians of students from 1st through 3rd year. Record books are regularly monitored and signed by the tutor and are available to all teachers should they wish to communicate with parents.

Parents are asked to support the school by assisting with the following:

  • Ensuring that students have a quiet area for study; equipped with a desk, chair and good quality lighting.
  • Encouraging the student to complete each assignment.
  • Ensuring that any part-time jobs do not interfere with the completion of homework and revision.

The school expects that all homework is completed on time and to the best of the student’s ability. If a student is struggling with homework the parent/guardian should approach the
teacher/tutor/year head to discuss the matter. Students who are absent from class due to participation in extra-curricular activities are expected to establish what work has been assigned and have it completed on schedule.

If a student is unable to complete an assignment it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to communicate this to the teacher, through the SRB.

Parents can be supportive by demonstrating study and organization skills, explaining a problems, or just encouraging students to take a break. Effective parent involvement comes when a true partnership exists between schools and families. Creating that partnership, especially around academics, is what works for student achievement. – National Parents Council, 2014