Career Guidance

Cashel Community School seeks to ensure that each student in this community has access to appropriate personal, social and vocational guidance within the available resources and in harmony with the school’s mission statement. The school has two Guidance Counsellors who provide the Guidance and Counselling service to the school community.

The Guidance Counsellor as part of the School Team aims:

1. To promote the social and personal development of the students.

2. To assist in providing for the educational needs of the students.

3. To assist in the vocational needs of the students.

4. To assist the students in making a career choice based on sound knowledge of their own abilities, needs, interests and values.

5. To provide direction and help to the students who have difficulty with personal, social and educational issues.

Classroom Guidance Activities The classroom Guidance Activities can fall into the following categories

1. Skills enhancement: e.g. decision-making, organisation, study skills, C.V. preparation, interview skills, career research skills.

2. Subject choice: information and guidance for senior cycle options, specific requirements and the implications of same.

3. Information giving: Options available after 3rd year and Leaving Cert year, education and training, College application systems – CAO & UCAS, PLC’s, Apprenticeships, Grants etc.

4. Developmental programmes: improving self-awareness and self-esteem.

Click on the links below for the Senior Cycle options in CCS and the presentations given to parents at the information evening:

Senior Cycle Options in Cashel Community School (Booklet 2023 24)

Senior Subject Choice Presentation