1. This is a statement of the policy of Cashel Community School with regard to the enrolment and admission of students to the school.   This policy has been drawn up in consultation with the Board of Management, staff, parents and students of  Cashel Community School.   This policy statement is in line with the objectives set out in the school’s mission statement and in the Deed of Trust for Community Schools.


  1. Cashel Community School was established in 1994 with the aim of providing a comprehensive system of post-primary education open to all the children of  the community, combining instruction in academic and practical subjects, and ongoing education for persons living at or near Cashel in the County of Tipperary and generally for the purpose of contributing towards the  spiritual, moral, mental and physical well-being  and development of the community.


  1. The trustees of Cashel Community School are the Presentation Sisters, the Christian Brothers and Tipperary Education & Training Board.


  1. Cashel Community School is funded by the Department of Education &  Science and is provided with a staffing allocation in accordance with the teacher allocation system of the Department of Education & Science.


  1. Cashel Community School operates in accordance with the regulations as set down from time to time by the Department of Education & Science.


  1. Cashel Community School provides the curricular programme set down by the Department of Education & Science in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of Education Act, 1998. The programmes available are, Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and Transition Year (optional).   The full range of curricular subjects, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are detailed in the school prospectus which can be obtained from the school office.


  1. Enrolment to the school is limited by school capacity and by the requirements of the school  curriculum and organisation as prescribed from time to time by the Board of Management and as determined by the Department of Education & Science regulations and standards.


  1. Cashel Community School is a co-educational post-primary school.


  1. The religious ethos of Cashel Community School is multi-denominational and the school will seek to provide religious instruction and worship in accordance with the rites, practice and teaching of the religious denomination to which the student belongs.   It should, however, be noted that in accordance with the Deed of Trust for Community School that Cashel Community School has a full-time Chaplain nominated by the Archbishop of Cashel & Emly. It should also be noted that the majority of students enrolled in the school are members of the Roman Catholic Church.




  1. Cashel Community School will prepare and provide for prospective students  and their parents , a prospectus providing information about the school such as school ethos, range of subjects, facilities, extra curricular activities, programmes, services and enrolment procedure.


  1. Cashel Community School will also disseminate relevant information to parents and prospective students through an annual Open Night for prospective first year parents and students.


  1. The enrolment process for incoming first year students will normally commence during the first term of the school year prior to the time for students to commence secondary school.   Application forms for enrolment will be available at the beginning of the week during which the annual OpenNight  for primary school students and parents takes place.  The Open Night  takes place at the end of the 1st  term.  A standard application form will be produced to ascertain the information required for the application to be considered.


  1. The closing date for receipt of completed application forms will be early in the 2nd term.


  1. Applications will be considered and a decision on the application will be communicated to parents within twenty one days of the annual closing date.


  1. The offer and acceptance of a place in Cashel Community School implies a full acceptance of the rules of the school as laid down from time to time by the Board of Management.


  1. In view of the resource implications and the timetabling structure of the first year programme [modules], enrolment to first year is limited. The desirability of base class groups with a maximum of twenty four students will result in a limit on the intake reflecting multiples of twenty four. The absolute limit in any event is 144 first year students.


  1. The date of the Assessment Test for incoming first year students together with other organisational arrangements will be communicated to the parents/guardians of those students who have been accepted for enrolment.  The Assessment Test will normally take place during February and the actual date will depend on the dates of the Easter holidays.   The assessment will take place on a Saturday and will take place in Cashel Community School.


  1. Cashel Community School will liase with the Principals of the primary school of each student who is enrolled to request relevant information on each student educational progress and related matters.


  1. At senior cycle students have the option of pursuing Transition Year, Leaving Certificate (Established) and the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.   Students in junior cycle will have to apply for a position on their chosen course at senior cycle.



(i)  Information on senior cycle course and subject options will be disseminated through an Information Night for parents, an information booklet for students and parents and information sessions organised by the Principal and/or Guidance Counsellors on the options open to the students at senior cycle.


(ii) Application  forms will be distributed to the students involved in the weeks immediately following the completion of the Pre-Junior Certificate examinations.   The closing date for the return of completed application forms will normally be during the final week before the Easter holidays.


(iii) Applicants for Transition Year will be interviewed, during the third term, to determine their suitability for a place on these innovative programmes.   Factors such as attendance record, behaviour record and overall performance and levels of motivation will be considered in assessing a student’s suitability for these courses.   This interview will take place during the final term and students will be advised of the outcome prior to the end of May.         


(iv)   In view of the resource implications and the timetabling structure of the transition year programme, enrolment to transition year is limited. The desirability of base class groups with a maximum of twenty four students will result in a limit on intake reflecting the multiples of twenty four [e.g. 24/48/72 students being desirable to make maximum use of resources].


(v) Students applying for Fifth Year will make a preliminary open subject choice application in accordance with  (ii) above.   Students will also have to complete a second subject choice form during the third term which will reflect the subject option blocks for that particular year.   The closing date for returning this form will be during the month of May and in event will not be later than May 31st.


  1.   In accordance with the ethos of a community school, Cashel Community School welcomes applications from pupils with special needs.   The following  procedures should be noted.


(i)  It is essential that accurate information on the nature of the special needs and/or disability is provided to the school before the deadline for the submission of applications to the Special Educational Needs Organiser (SENO) for additional teaching resources and/ or access to Special Needs Assistant support. Copies of  Psychological Reports or other relevant reports must be submitted in order to support the application’s to the SENO by the school for additional resources.


(ii)  The school will  apply to the National Council for Special Education (N.C.S.E) and for resources for students with special needs in accordance with agreed procedures and deadlines.  


  1.  An application for a transfer from another school will be considered in accordance with the following procedure.

(i)  Applications to transfer will only be considered during the final term of the school year prior to the commencement of the school year for which the transfer is being sought. Applications to transfer must be received on or before the last day of the school year which is the Friday at the end of  the week prior to the commencement of the State Examinations in June.

(ii) Students who wish to transfer will be interviewed, with their parents, by the Principal prior to a decision on the application being made.

(iii) Students who wish to transfer will have to provide copies of recent school reports and other relevant documentation from the school they are currently enrolled in.

(iv) Students who wish to transfer will have to complete the standard application form.

(v)  Applications to transfer will normally only be considered from students who are commencing second year, transition year and fifth year.

( vi) Applications to transfer will not be considered once the school year has commenced .

(vii) All applications to transfer will be considered in view of available resources,  timetabling/class size restrictions and of the schools capacity to provide for the educational needs of the student.

(viii)   Applications to transfer will only be accepted from students who can satisfy the management of Cashel Community School that there is no history of the applicant being involved in violent behaviour or in any behaviour which has the potential to endanger the health, safety and well-being of staff and students in Cashel Community School.

(ix) Students whose families transfer into the area during the school year will be subject to each of the above conditions which are relevant to the application.

(x)   A decision on an application to transfer will be made within twenty one days of the receipt of the completed application form.


  1. Cashel Community School is committed to the key characteristics of the Community School concept and also endeavours to serve the local community and to consider all applicants who have completed the curricular and other requirements of their previous/primary school. In view of the fact that enrolment to the school is limited by school capacity and by the requirements of the school curriculum and organisation, the following specific enrolment criteria will be utilised in assessing applications for enrolment.   Priority in considering applications will be determined in accordance with the following criteria in the event of there being insufficient capacity.


(i)  Students who have attended and completed the curricular requirements of any one of the fifteen agreed feeder primary schools which constitute the recognised catchment area.   Students from these primary schools and their parents receive a direct formal invitation to attend the annual Open Night.   The fifteen primary schools which constitute the recognised catchment area are, St. John the Baptist Girls, Boys and Deanery Schools Cashel, Ballagh, Ballytarsna, Ballinure, Boherlahan, Clonoulty, Dualla, Golden, Knockavilla, New Inn Boys and Girls, Rosegreen and Thomastown.


(ii)  Students who have siblings attending or who have attended Cashel Community School.


(iii)  Students whose parents are on the staff of Cashel Community School.


(iv)  Students who reside in the catchment area referred to in (1) above but who attend school outside the area.


(v)  Students attending schools, outside the catchment area referred to in (i) above, from which students have enrolled in Cashel Community School in the past.   These schools are principally on the periphery of the recognised catchment area. The schools in this category are Moyglass, Ballyclerihan, Rathkeevin, Donaskeigh, Gaile and Rossmore.


(vi) Students from schools not included (i) to (v) will be considered if they are resident in areas from which students have traditionally enrolled in Cashel Community School. In this instance priority will be given to students who are the oldest of families and whose families regard Cashel Community School as their school of first choice. Applications from students not included in (i) to (v) above will be considered subject to availability and such places are allocated on a first come first served basis i.e. according to the date on which the completed enrolment form was received by the school.                                               


  1. The Board of Management will assess all applications in accordance with criteria contained in this Admissions Policy. In accordance with the terms of Section 29 of the Education Act this policy provides for a right of appeal by the parents of a student (or, in the case of a student aged 18 years or more, the student) against a decision by a board to permanently exclude, to suspend or to refuse to enrol that student.   This right to appeal is to the Board of Management in the first instance and to the Secretary General of the Department of Education & Science under Section 29 of the Education Act1998.