ICT Internet Acceptable Usage Policy



 Cashel Community School

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is to ensure that the community (staff, pupils and parents) of Cashel Community School will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources in a safe and effective manner. Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege. Therefore, if the school’s AUP is not adhered to, this privilege will be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions – as outlined in the AUP – will be imposed.

Aims of the Acceptable Use Policy

  1. To allow all users to access and use the internet for educational
  2. To protect students from harmful content that may undermine the principles of the school.
  3. To provide rules which are consistent with the acceptable procedures commonly used on the Internet.


Users must be aware the all their computer activity is tracked and logged for reference purposes. These individual user logs may be accessed at any time by the ICT Coordinator/ their teacher/ management.


Both staff and students have responsibilities while accessing the internet; outlined in this document are the procedures and rules teachers and students must follow:

Staff  Procedures:

  • Ensure all students and their parents have read and consented to the Acceptable Use Policy before using the internet in the school.
  • Under no circumstances should material be uploaded, downloaded or viewed which is likely to be unsuitable for students.
  • Arrange for suitable monitoring of students in your class, or those students who have been given permission to use the Internet facilities
  • Report any incident which breaches the Acceptable Use Policy immediately to the I.T. coordinator in the school and to the School Principal/ Deputy Principal.
  • Instruction in responsible and safe use should precede Internet access


Student Rules:

  • Students must obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before using the Internet.
  • Students will only access the network using their own user name and password, which must not be given to anyone else.
  • Students will not access other people’s work, files or folders.
  • If students discover unsuitable sites, the URL address and content must be reported to
  • the IT teacher, or school principal.
  • Students must not reveal details of themselves or others such as addresses, use of full or last name, pictures or images that may assist in identifying an individual while using the internet.
  • Students will only have access to discussion forums or other electronic communication forums that have been approved by the school.
  • Copyright and intellectual property rights must be respected.
  • Students will not have access to social media on the school network and they are forbidden to access all social networking sites on personal electronic devices on school campus.
  • Students are not permitted to refer to any member of the school community or the school on social networking sites and students’ usage of social media, at all times, must protect the reputation of Cashel Community School
  • Students will not use USB keys from outside school unless permission is given by the teacher.
  • Students will not under any circumstances take or upload pictures and/or video content to the internet of any member of the school community unless permission is given by a teacher as part of an approved class activity. (2.1.3 Anti Bullying Procedures)



Failure to comply with these rules will result in one or more of the following:

  • A ban, temporary or permanent on the use of Internet facilities in the school.
  • A letter informing parents of the nature and breach of rules.
  • Appropriate sanctions and restrictions placed on access to school I.T. facilities as decided by the teacher/IT teacher and/or principal.


The school maintains the right to check computer files, monitor internet sites visited, delete any in-appropriate materials in circumstances where it believes unauthorized use of the school system may be taking place. The school will take all reasonable precautions to ensure users access only appropriate material. However, due to the international scale and linked nature of internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never appear on a school computer.  Cashel Community School cannot accept liability for the material accessed, or any consequences of Internet access.


Parent’s Permission Letter


Dear ___________,


The internet is a very valuable educational resource.  Internet use is growing rapidly and is an integral part of the learning experience in schools today.


Cashel Community School will offer supervised access to the Internet.  Before being allowed to use the Internet in school, all pupils must obtain parental permission and both the student and a parent/guardian must sign and return the enclosed form as evidence of your approval and their acceptance of the school rules on this matter.


Access to the Internet will enable pupils to explore thousands of libraries, databases, bulletin boards while exchanging messages with other internet users throughout the world.   Some materials accessible via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people.


While we will monitor Internet use and take the necessary precautions to protect students from inappropriate material as best we can, it is not possible to guarantee that inappropriate material will not appear on a school computer.  However, we believe that the benefits to students from access to the Internet, in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration, exceed any disadvantages.


Each internet session will be monitored by a member of staff.  Each member of staff must also agree to an acceptable use policy. These policies which set out the rules are attached to your letter.


We would be grateful if you would read the enclosed documents and then complete the permission form.


Yours sincerely,






Mr. John Gallagher



Internet Parent Permission Form


Please complete and return this form.




As a school user of the Internet and computer systems, I agree to comply with the school A.U.P. rules on their use. I will use the network in a responsible way and observe all the restriction explained to me by the school.



Pupil Signature:                                                Date:         /        /     __





As the parent or legal guardian of the pupil signing above, I grant permission for my son/ or child in my care to use the Internet in school.  I have read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy for Students. I understand that pupils will be held accountable for their own actions.  I also understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable and I accept responsibility for setting standards for my son/ or child in my care to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information and media.





Parent Signature:                                        

Date         /        /             




Name of Pupil                                             

Date         /       /              



Staff Protocol


As employees of Cashel Community School, all staff are expected to familiarise themselves with and adhere to the ICT AUP, which is available on the school website.

Email accounts @cashelcommunityschool.ie are provided to designated staff for use relating to school business. Staff email accounts should never be used to store or distribute unsavoury materials or to send or forward games or jokes. Occasional and reasonable personal use of email is permitted provided that this does not interfere with the performance, work duties and responsibilities of Cashel Community School.

References to any member of the school community made via electronic means, should be made in a strictly professional and business-like manner.

Cashel Community School understands that staff may have private social media accounts. However, staff are expected to use these accounts in a responsible manner, including ensuring adequate privacy settings are employed. It is imperative that Staff members should never refer to any member of the school community or the school on social networking sites and staff usage of social media, at all times, and must protect the reputation of Cashel Community School.

Staff must ensure that any images posted on their social media sites should be of good repute and reflect the school and the school community in a positive light only. If uploading photographs, it is imperative that staff seek the prior permission of those pictured before posting pictures.

Staff must NEVER follow or befriend students on media forums such as Facebook and must never view students’ profiles or allow students to view theirs.

The official school Facebook page, which is administrated by the members of the school website committee, is used strictly as a communication means regarding school events. Teachers and students creating additional social media pages related to school based student activities e.g. YSI, Choir, School Show etc. must ensure that any material posted on these social media sites should be of good repute and reflect the school and the school community in a positive light only. If uploading photographs, it is imperative that permission of those pictured is sought before posting pictures.


Software Use and Management Policy

  • All software should be registered in the schools nam This involves filling out a registration form or card that comes in the product packaging.
  • Only licensed software may be installed and used on the school’s IT system.
  • Software must only be purchased from reputable suppliers using an order form.
  • When purchasing software ensure that all the correct documentation and license agreements are received with the software
  • All software licenses, agreements and documentation should be kept in a secure place in the school.
  • A schedule and inventory list of software and licenses, including the location of associated documents and licenses must be kept by the school.
  • An annual audit on software should be carried out to ensure compli
  • Staff should be made fully aware of the procedure in relation to software licenses
  • If the school uses Freeware software (software downloaded from the Internet or from disks on computer magazines), the accompanying text should be read to clarify terms and conditions governing the use of such soft