Seachtain na Gaeilge 2021

Today marks the start of Seachtain na Gaeilge 2021. Beatha teanga í a labhairt. #SnaG21 Bainigí taitneamh asti.

Mindful March

New month, new focus. This month as part of student well-being in CCS we encourage everybody to try and be more mindful , a great life skill . Lots of great daily suggestions here. Learning to live mindfully helps us to get more out of life and cope better in difficult times.

Return To School

Welcome Back : Return to school for the LC class of 2021

2 in a row for CCS students in BT Young Scientists

Congratulations to Megan Kirby and Ava Abbott on being awarded 3rd prize in the Senior Group Social and Behavioural section of the BT Young Scientists competition last week. The competition went ahead this year in virtual form due to covid. This presented a number of challenges for the organisers and the teachers and pupils involved. The new format meant that the experience of 3 days in the RDS and all the buzz and excitement that goes with it was missing. Due to Level 5 restrictions on the dates of the competition it was reduced to a 3 min introductory video submitted with your project book and this was followed up by 3 video calls from judges to the group members, who had to be in separate houses. Despite the loss of the normal experience our two students really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Their personalities and passion for their subject matter shone through and the judges were impressed. The project titled, THE KNOCK ON EFFECT, was a statistical analysis of the relationship between head trauma and the onset of mental illness. The girls carried out a massive 1500 person survey through their social media platforms and analysed the data to create correlations, present their findings and make recommendations for future care of head trauma sufferers. The subject matter is now very topical with rugby and soccer players grouping together to show how they are suffering following head traumas in their sports. Well done to the girls who have continued a nice trend for our school following on from our first place award in the same category last year.