Learning Support


Cashel Community School welcomes pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  All pupils with Special Educational Needs are provided with the full range of subject and programme choices. Pupils with SEN are fully integrated into the life of the school.  Learning Support provision is organised through in-class support by means of team-teaching, small class groups or withdrawal.

The goal of the Learning Support department is to aid pupils to develop and improve their own learning capacity.  The aim is to teach pupils strategies and skills to enable them to learn more effectively. This allows pupils to benefit more fully from the time spent in regular subject classes.

There is a keen awareness and a strong commitment among the whole staff towards providing for pupils with SEN.  This is strengthened by ongoing communication between members of staff and the Special Needs team regarding pupils’ needs and progress.  Relevant information regarding pupils’ needs is disseminated among the staff and regular contact with parents is maintained.

The mission statement of the school is the guiding principle of the Learning Support department in endeavoring to empower pupils to learn and develop to their full potential.  The pupils work very well and achieve great success as a result of the support they receive.


 Role of Learning Support Teacher:

  • Assisting in the implementation of a broad range of whole-school strategies designed to enhance early learning and to prevent learning difficulties
  • Maintaining a weekly planning and progress record or equivalent for each individual or group of pupils in receipt of learning support.
  • Delivering intensive early intervention programmes and providing supplementary teaching in English and mathematics to students
  • Coordinating the implementation of whole-school procedures for the selection of students for supplementary teaching

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