Welcome to life in Cashel Community School



Wednesday August 29th was the first day of First Year for 164 boys and girls who joined CCS. Day one is always about introductions, initiation and innovation. They were welcomed by their Year Head Mr. Cathal Farrell and their 6th Year Links students. The day was dedicated entirely to the first Year cohort who enjoyed many opportunities to engage with the staff who will be caring for them over the next six years. As they were the only year group in the school they had ample opportunity to familiarise themselves with their timetables and the layout of the school building and grounds.

This year’s class group comprises boys and girls from 18 feeder schools. We look forward to nurturing them as they become ‘responsible young adults’.

First Year Head Mr. Cathal Farrell with First Years: Jodie Phelan, Anthony Moloney, Anthony Walsh, Laura Roche, Ava Adcock, Zoe Mahoney, Sylvester Trofimczyk, Rowan Quinlan & Shane Maher.