TY talk from Godolphin

As a continuation their involvement with Cashel Community School, Godolphin Ireland facilitated a Transition Year talk in CCS.


Eric Donovan, from Athy, County Kildare, is a professional boxer who has travelled the world in a sporting career which started in his early teens.  His story, which he tells in an honest and open way, is about his journey:  not so much about the miles he has travelled but the setbacks and wrong turns he has taken in his life and how he has overcome and corrected them.  It is an inspirational story of resilience and self-discovery which highlights the importance of mentorship and goal setting.  The students were captivated from beginning to end .





Feedback from the students

I really enjoyed the talk that Eric gave to us as he was so open and honest and shared everything with us and it was really inspiring. It really struck me how he kept going even though he had been through a lot in his childhood and he felt he couldn’t keep going but he still pushed himself because this was his dream and this was what he wanted to do. This made me realise how important it is to never give up on anything and to keep going no matter what. I learned a lot from this and I really enjoyed it. 


The main topic of his story was about Not Giving Up! Eric talked about his life , his challenges and his boxing career. His speech was motivational and powerful. His raw honesty captivated me. Boxing is his life and Eric told us of the many times he wanted to give up but chose to battle through his challenges. Coming from a difficult background, he found it hard to cope with life and was involved in many things to cope with these difficulties but unfortunately those things were bad. Boxing was introduced to him when he was around 7 or 8 and that changed his life. Eric now speaks to students all around Ireland and lives with his two sons and his girlfriend.


Eric Donovan gave us an inspirational talk about being able to triumph over adversity, and about being resilient. He encouraged us to be different and be ourselves. I liked the talk lot because of how he didn’t sugarcoat anything and he said it how it was. He was so honest and raw about his life story that he captivated everyone in the room and our attention was solely on him. It was amazing how he turned his life around in such a short period of time. He went from being in the lowest point of his life to the highest. He was just a phenomenal speaker and I enjoyed the talk a lot.