Transition Year Diary

TY Induction Day 2012 30/08/12

I think everyone was looking forward to going back into TY as much as
any of the other years. We were finally finished our Junior Cert and looking
forward to trying new things and going on outings. The Science Dem.
would be our base for the year group. We found out our class groups, got
introduced to our new German exchange student, Ricardo and picked our
subject choice for the year. Ms. Neavyn and Mr. Morrissey laid down the
rules and finally we got our big, black folders from Ms. Ryan. It was a long
day with lots of different information and oppertunities (including the Gaisce
awards) for this year but we’re all looking forward to everything we get to
try this year.

Our Walk in Dundrum Woods 06/09/12

All gathered in the assembly area, we got into our class groups and headed
outside to the buses on a bright Thursday morning. Filled with chat we
landed at the woods and got off the bus to begin our walk with Fr. Moloney,
Ms. White and Ms. Neavyn. Our walk lasted around 45 minutes while
stopping for a year group photo. We arrived back at school at one o’ clock
with plenty of time to eat our (very important!) lunch.

Results Day 12/09/12

Finally the wait was over. We all lined up in alphabetical order and Mrs.
Skehan ushered us along to the classroom where Mr. Morrissey was
waiting with our results. One by one everyone came out with a surprised
yet delighted look on their face. The wait was long for the last few names
to be called but it was well worth it and for a few it was overwhelming. We
had to wait until breaktime to show our teachers our results as much as we
wanted to run down right away. Everyone worked really hard throughout
third year and it showed up today on that one sheet of paper. We all want
to thank our teachers and the rest of the staff for teaching and supporting
us throughout the last three years. We really appreciate it and hope ye
were just as satisfied with our results as we were!

Ploughing Match 27/09/12

Our faces dropped when Ms. Neavyn announced that we had to be at the
school for 7.30am but it was well worth it. After the long three hour journey
we were ready to get off the bus as soon as possible. We had a couple of
hours to go wherever we wanted around the site and most of us ended up
covered in mud coming back to the bus. Despite being locked outside the
bus for an extra hour and being stuck in lines of traffic, it was a brilliant day
and we all enjoyed it a lot. As well as that, we have enough pens to keep
us going until our Leaving Cert.