Student Success


Fast On Track

Waterford Raceway Club draws members and hot rod drivers from all over the Southeast of Ireland. Its competitive season runs from January to November. Points are awarded to drivers depending on their finishing places in the races that are run every two to three weeks. So, to score highly, a driver must be consistently very good. Meagan O’Daly, a Third Year student at Cashel C.S. and a member at W.R.C., is a consistently very good driver and she proved this by taking on the adult drivers in 2010 and reaching second place in the overall rankings for the year. This is an extraordinary achievement for a fifteen-year-old.
A native of Cloughaleigh, Golden, Meaghan’s driving coach is her father Michael. He himself has withdrawn from behind the wheel in order to guide her progress and to double up in the vital role of mechanic.