Student of the Year 2022 23

Congratulations to Ben Currivan who was awarded the student of the year award. This is the most prestigious student award of the year . When students arrive on our doorstep we ask them to fulfil their potential in a respectful manner. This is an opportunity to highlight outstanding deeds – the contribution that someone has made to the school and the wider community; and the inspirational nature of these accomplishments. The Student of the Year Award recognises a unique student who has attained this goal and in doing so has left an impregnable mark on all they have come into contact with throughout their school life both inside and outside the classroom.

 By their outstanding display of academic achievements, personal qualities and support for school values, past winners have added to the integrity of this award. In making their selection teachers were asked to take the following into consideration: academic record, achievements, leadership and initiative qualities, good interpersonal skills, school involvement, moral courage, any positive quality and someone who has credibility with both the staff and student body.

Well done Ben and his family.