Global Citizenship Action :Sustainable Development Goal 14 - “Life Below Water” Project By Jewel Bongcaras

At the beginning of the school year, Mr Hassett had informed my C.S.P.E class that himself and Mr Dunne had intended to start an art project. He encouraged any art students or any individuals who would like to engage in this project, to participate in it. We were told that this task was relating to “Life Below Water” - the 14th Sustainable Development Goal. Marine pollution, the endangerment of coastal ecosystems and unsustainable fishing etc., are all unfortunate dilemmas that are happening in our oceans worldwide to this day. This project’s purpose is to spread awareness and educate our community about our ocean’s suffering and also offer a wider perspective on this. Simple acts such as reducing our carbon footprint, to replacing single use plastic with reusable options, can contribute to our journey of reviving our oceans. We have displayed this project above a water fountain, beside the stage room in the school. The layout of this project consists of a large painted blue wave shaped piece of timber, vibrant, timber shaped as fish and corals and tile water drop mosaics. Remembering to be sustainable during the progress of this project, all material such as the timber and the paints that we used were all recycled! We had also painted the wall that supports the water fountain, light blue, which I think it compliments it very well. Each timber fish/coral includes a fact about the truth of our ocean - they can be hard to believe! Although on this project, we’ve portrayed the negative, truthful side of our impact on our oceans, I believe that this can really awaken us as a community to start thinking and acting sustainably for our oceans. I am so grateful that I was able to participate in this project with passionate, innovative, artistic students and staff members. Thanks to Abbie Corcoran, Dylan O’ Gorman Ryan, Molly Gilmartin, Aurelija Vinslauskaite, Mia Doherty, Abigail McCormack, Mr Dunne, Mr Hassett and any staff members/TY students that helped us along the way, for contributing in this project. Thank you to the teachers who gave us, the students, consent to leave some of our classes to work on this. We would greatly appreciate it if you could visit our finished project!