Chaplin's End of Year Message

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians & CCS School Community, We find ourselves at the end of our school year, an unprecedented school year at that! At this time every year we look back on the year that has gone by. This year we do so with a different vision, the 2020 vision as it has now become known. We completed our school year in an unprecedented way to any other. As a school community we faced a new challenge, a challenge that was steadfastly accepted by all. The manner in which this new reality was embraced and acted upon should fill all involved with pride. We should also look back with pride on the many successes achieved. As we began our year, the days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into terms and little did we know the ‘new normal’ that awaited us. However this new normal was embraced resolutely. We will hopefully look back at a time when we appreciated our families more, how we cared for our elderly and vulnerable in society; how we appreciated our frontline workers and all because we had to spend time apart. At a time when opposites became the norm such as the theme ‘Together Apart’, in looking back we now look forward. We look forward with Hope. Hope in our hearts, as the song goes, and hope in each other. It is important to embrace the faith that we will prevail. The values that we hold dear do not change and never go away. I reserve a special mention for our 6th Year students and their families. As students you will be missed. I congratulate you on your efforts in unprecedented times. I look forward to see your wish realised in having your graduation with your families when circumstances allow. My prayer is that all your hard work will come to fruition. I hope you look back with pride in what you have achieved. I am all too aware that ‘looking back’ will also be a painful experience for some especially with the passing of a loved one. Our thoughts and prayers will forever be with those who have lost loved ones at this difficult time. May They Rest In Peace. I leave you with an old Irish blessing: May the angels protect you.. May sadness forget you.. May goodness surround you May happiness be around you and may God always bless you. Stay Safe & God’s Blessings to You & Yours, Mr. Nolan Chaplain. #cashelcommunityschooltogetherapart