Principal’s Update- Covid January

Dear Parent/Guardian/Student,

As we enter into our first Covid January, we as a school community not only face the difficulties of navigating the current COVID-19 restrictions but also the difficulties surrounding their knock on effects, mainly the requirement and need for good classroom ventilation. This can only be achieved by opening windows and doors to create this flow space. It was hoped that the introduction of HEPA filters may alleviate the need to ventilate classrooms in this manner. However on inspection the HEPA filters do not replace the requirements to actively ventilate classrooms they only assist in cleaning the air flowing through the classroom. Also the monies forward would only allow the purchase of a minimum number of filters. That said we are solution driven and want to plan ahead for the teaching and learning within the classroom environment under the current conditions.

Therefore as before we encourage the student body to wrap up and apply layers underneath their uniforms to allow them to feel comfortable in their classrooms. The wearing of the correct garments such as long socks as opposed to ankle socks, garments under tracksuits will help students in this regard.That said,in order to ensure students remain comfortable during this current cold spell we will allow students to wear suitable jackets/coats (Hoodies and Half zips are not permitted) in the classroom environment.We will revisit this decision at the end of the month.Please note students must present in full school uniform at all times. In addition I have asked Teachers not to over ventilate the learning spaces,whereupon air quality can be assessed by the recently installed CO2 monitors. Please be aware that the heating system will be on extensively during the day. I realise the return after the school had been closed for a period of time was colder than usual.However it does take the building time to regain temperature. It is hoped going forward that we can maintain a comfortable temperature.

That said as the experts have indicated we will be living with these restrictions for a period of time to come therefore it would be prudent as a school community to continuously look for assistance and solutions. This may be an ideal opportunity to look at the proposal of a school jacket which would allow students and additional comfort while maintaining the integrity of the school uniform. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on these matters.