Positive Mental Week in CCS

Dualla Show Sponsor Positive Mental Week in CCS

Last week students and staff in Cashel Community School celebrated Positive Mental Health Week. The week was packed full of different activities to promote wellness in the school community. Teachers formed a committee and planned the week. In pastoral care classes students received wellness bookmarks from Mental Health Ireland highlighting the five key actions they can do to feel good and function well, Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. Students completed a survey on what music makes them feel happy and these songs were played at lunchtime.
A series of speakers visited the school promoting wellness. Transition year received a wellbeing talk from St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, second year students got a presentation from Tipperary Youth Club Services highlighting the importance of connecting and trying new things. On Wednesday the school welcomed former Tipperary manager Liam Sheedy to the school where students were reminded of the importance of self- belief, exercise, fun and dealing with setbacks. Liam Sheedy reminded students of the popular phrase YOLO (You Only Live Once) which inspired students to remember their passion for life. Students received lollipops with the YOLO logo on Friday evening which generated lots of smiles.
First year students were treated to Zumba classes reminding them to try new challenges and have fun, mindfulness classes were introduced in Religion classes allowing students to interrupt the busyness of everyday school life and concentrate on their breathing. The first year choir sang at lunchtime celebrating the theme Express Yourself. All sixth years were involved in a tea and connect class reminding them that it is ok to talk about our challenges in life and the HSE #Little Things Campaign was discussed during these classes also. The Guidance Department visited all first year classes reminding classes of their support networks in school.
Humourfit Theatre visited on Friday with drama pieces on Alcohol Misuse and The Value of Life for senior cycle. The staffroom celebrated too where teachers donned odd shoes promoting the Walk In My Shoes Campaign from St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services and reminding students that it is good to talk about Positive Mental Health . The Green Ribbon Campaign supporting mental health one conversation at a time was also supported.
A Kindness Tree was set up in school and classes were encouraged to perform act of kindness throughout the week there was a great response to this and the tree was in full blossom by the end of the week. Positive affirmations were displayed around the school and on the display screens which reminded everybody that small things can make a big difference.
We are very grateful to Dualla Show Committee who sponsored our week and enabled it to be such a big success. It is very positive to see a community group take such an active interest in the wellbeing of young people. Transition Year student will have a Wellness Stand in the local Bank of Ireland this week who also sponsored some of the activities last week . Caitriona Ryan coordinator of the week quoted that “Feedback from students and staff was very positive, we are grateful to school management who always value the importance of wellbeing in CCS and enabled this week to be celebrated. “