Junior Certificate Results 2018

Junior Cert Results

Pride and celebration were the order of the day in Cashel Community School as cashel CS students collected their Junior Cert results on Wednesday 12th September. It was was marvellous to see the delight and sheer happiness of our students as they received the results of all their efforts. This year’s results were truly spectacular with results in all areas being above the national average.

Cashel Community School would like to congratulate the students who completed their Junior Certificate programme this year. There were some excellent results across the board in what was a difficult and challenging year for all involved within our school community. The students were rewarded for all their hard work and efforts during the last three years. The Principal, John Gallagher, paid tribute to the committed teachers , guidance counsellors, SNAs and ancillary staff in the School and acknowledged the support the school receives from the parents in their collective efforts to constantly promote excellence and a good work ethic in Cashel Community School.

Mr Gallagher said that “ there were some tremendous  results ,however we in  Cashel Community School believe that success comes in many forms .Whilst acknowledging the outstanding achievements of those pupils who scored very well in the Junior Certificate, we also recognise and applaud the excellent achievements of the many students who fulfilled their potential”. That said he paid a special tribute to Kate Maher who achieved straight A s in all her subjects, this by any standard is a phenomenal achievement.

Finally, as a school we look forward to seeing our students build on these results as they progress into the senior cycle and beyond.

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Photo includes Mr. Gallagher (Principal) with students Jamie Duncan, Ciarán Moroney, Clódagh Quinn, Jennifer Phelan, Molly Keane, Áine Hanley, Aoife Ryan, Cate Maher, Anneka Maxwell, Eve Moloney & Euan Ryan.