Incoming First Year Students


First Year Students

First year students for the 2012\13 school year will begin at 9am on Monday the 27th of August. An induction programme will be provided.

This will include:

• a tour of the school
• introduction to management and staff
• an introduction and explanation of their school timetable and record book
• an introduction to their class tutor
• a description of the school rules
• meetings with their 6th links and the pastoral team

Students will partake in some timetabled classes to help them adjust to moving around the school and to familiarise themselves with their new class groups.

Information about the day will be posted to all parents and guardians in the next few weeks.

All staff members at CCS understand that the move to secondary school can be very daunting, but we will endeavour to make the transition as smooth as possible for all students.
The staff of Cashel Community School look forward to welcoming our new students.