Mike O' Sullivam made a welcome return to CCS last week. As part of SPHE in Senior Cycle Education Dramas are performed for TY and 6th yr students. 6th yrs enjoyed the drama " The Life and Times of Joe O'Brien" promoting good mental health. TY students enjoyed " Slow Down" a drama on road safety.

Some student comments
" I thought he was amazing ! He put us all in good form even though we were stressed out with the pre exams approaching. Everyone was laughing and I felt like I understood the difdicult topic he was talking about. He made it funny and interseting. I loved it !

I really enjoyed how Mike put modern day stresses into a fun and enjoyable day. A well rehearsed and executed drama

I really enjoyed Humourfit it was nice to have abreak from all the classes and pressure. As well as being quite funny it touched on a very serious subject. I learned some valuable lessons about depression.

I found the Humourfit Production to be very beneficial to me, it was an exhilirating experience.