Health Week

Health Week

Cashel Community School held their annual ‘Health Week’ from September 24th – 28th. This whole school initiative endeavours to highlight to students the importance of making healthy food choices for the academic year ahead. A number of informative captions and posters were posted throughout the school. The sugar and fat content of foods from the top of the food pyramid was a real talking point. There was also a poster indicating the amount of sugar in the most popular fizzy drinks bought by teenagers. The Transition Year students carried out a survey on how many students eat breakfast daily which had alarming results with some year groups. The most popular cereals were then assessed by their sugar content, another insightful learning experience for the student body. This initiative was strongly supported by the local community with healthy brown bread, scones, yogurts, wraps, turkey sausage, brown rolls, smoothies, fruit salads, juices and apples distributed amongst the 860 student cohort. First Year Home Economics students participated in a ‘Healthy Lunch Box’ competition. Transition Years played an integral part in the week helping to coordinate the distribution of healthy food and drinks to the various classes.

Ann Darcy of Ann Darcy Clinic Cashel gave a number of very insightful talks to students throughout the day focusing on the link between ‘mood & food’. Staff were also provided with healthy snack throughout the week. There was a very entertaining ‘Cook Off’ between two Tipperary and two Limerick teachers. Their brief was to prepare and present a creative healthy lunch in 15 minutes. Local food provider Joe Aherne had the difficult task of judging the event. Many teachers also took part in a ‘Healthy Snack’ competition with a high standard of culinary skills displayed.

Staying active was another component of the week. Most junior classes participated in the ‘drop everything and run’ initiative. This involved the students running/ walking around the school circumference for a 40 minutes period. A lot of broad smiles were spotted as they passed classroom windows!!There was also a staff obstacle course on Wednesday lunchtime which highlighted the highly competitive nature of the staff members of CCS. Students cheered on their teachers with great gusto.

The week proved to be highly successful and informative which impacted on the positivity of the whole school community. It is hoped that students will be more nutritionally and activity aware in their daily lives as a result of the knowledge they gained in the past week. It is also hoped that these events have contributed in a positive way to the students’ physical and mental Wellbeing. This initiative would not have been possible without the input and cooperation of students, staff and the local community.


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Highlights of Health Week 2018

Staff Cook Off 2018