Fairtrade Fortnight


                   Fairtrade Fortnight is currently taking place throughout the country to celebrate and promote Fairtrade in Ireland.
                  On Thursday March 3rd we welcomed cocoa farmers Stephen Boadi and Isaac Baido from Ghana to the school. Stephen and Isaac work at the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative of farmers in Ghana and sell their cocoa beans to make Fairtrade chocolate. First year students and third year class 3Mask enjoyed learning about what a big difference buying Fairtrade products can make to the farmers producing the cocoa.
The students also got to examine a cocoa pod and sample some delicious Fairtrade chocolate kindly provided by Fairtrade Mark Ireland. Fairtrade Chairperson Dean Knowles adressed students and explained how everyone can make a difference, a sample of the wide variety of Fairtrade products was on display thanks to Kathleen Ryan and Kathhleen Mitchell both Committee members of Cashel Fairtrade.
Third year class 3Mask are currently working on their CSPE project and co-ordinated the events with the assisantce of their teacher Ms.Aoife Fox. First year students in 1 Suir and 1 Nore as part of their RE assignments completed Fairtrade awareness posters which were on display also and ensured the event was a colourful one.
                         CEO of Fairtrade Ireland Peter Gaynor also attended and informed students of the continued success of the Fairtrade label in Ireland. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this event .
We will have a number of different events happening in the school next week also to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.