Cashel Community School provides a high quality education to all its students. This involves enhancing lifelong learning, improving efficiency in education, promoting equality, social cohesion, active citizenship, advancing creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in our students in accordance with the EU Education and Training Programme 2020.

To do this we created a project called Growing Together.  As life evolves and changes occur we must grow and develop to provide the best education possible for the holistic development of our students. Our project is driven by our desire to improve our ability to meet the needs of all our students in their growth. We strive to improve our teaching methods in order to support every student in their individual learning process.

The project identified three key areas for development- Health and wellbeing, ICT – new technologies and digital competencies and the key competencies of numeracy and literacy.

We applied for a grant from Erasmus Plus and have been awarded €76,630. The Erasmus+ KA101  programme is an excellent opportunity to develop collaborative practices within our school community, local region and in Europe. Here we will gain invaluable knowledge as to best practice within Europe. We will send staff from a large range of subject areas to investigate new strategies, methodologies, and resources that will help the holistic growth of all our students.

The staff that go will improve their skills and knowledge and they will bring their new found skills back to the rest of the staff.  This will help us grow and in turn enrich our students’ learning experience; they will become active citizens and future leaders who are connected, respected and contribute to the world, enhancing employment skills, training, entrepreneurship and social inclusion.

Our staff wellbeing is a priority for us also. Staff will attend mindfulness, stress management and healthy eating courses, as happy teachers lead to happy classrooms. Their coping strategies will be improved and these methods can be passed on to our students.

By taking part in the Erasmus + project we in Cashel Community School will continue to grow together. Like a tree our branches will be strengthened and we will continue bloom.


Ms. Clodagh Kelly (Director of Schools, Tipperary ETB), Ms. Nicola Sheils (BOM, CCS), Ms. Margaret Skehan (Chairperson BOM, CCS), Mr. John Gallagher (Principal, CCS), Mr. John Irwin (Secretary General ACCS).