Culture Day in CCS

Last week our school community celebrated Culture Day. Fostering multicultural inclusion is essential to ensuring a vibrant and prosperous school community in which everyone is welcomed, feels safe and is supported to participate.
 Students displayed projects, food, national dress and music from all the different cultures that help shape our school community. Staff and students were spoiled with delicious food samples and interesting displays.
Huge thanks to all our students and their families who helped make this day very special. We hope next year’s celebration will be even bigger.   Celebration of Culture Day is an annual event in CCS but his year the celebration was student led and facilitated by Ms. Caitriona Ryan and Ms. Lisa Ryan.
 The Amber Team took an active role in helping with all elements which included a special playlist where students selected music from their country.  Next year we hope even more students will get involved and celebrate. Please enjoy this video capturing some of the highlights