CCS – French Day

La Journée de la Francophonie

In recent years students at CCS have celebrated France, its language and culture in a fun and innovative way and Friday 11th May last was no exception with “La Journée de la Francophonie” being showcased once again in the school. One noticeable difference this year however was a series presentations to Junior Cycle students by Mme Solenn Nantier a French language teaching assistant working in the school for a four week period. Mme Nantier spoke about her personal life, her family, her studies and her local area focusing on the differences between France and Ireland.

Junior cycle students also participated in a French art competition under the theme of La norriture (French food) with Weronika Wichner and Clarence Navarro receiving runner up prizes. The overall winners for this year’s French art competition were Aisling Morrissey and Selina Ryan. Bravo! First year students for their part participated in board games Qui est-ce? (Guess who?) Lunchtime activities included a table quiz, a film in French, French music and pancakes for all to enjoy. Heather McGee, Sani Maharjan, Emilie Borowski and Maria Sheenah O’Brien emerged triumphant in the table quiz. The final task for sixth years was to interview students and teachers in French throughout lunchtime with the best interviewers Stephen Foley and Orlaigh Crowe both receiving a prize for their efforts. TY students enjoyed French breakfast comprising of croissants, pain au chocolat, and a un jus d’orange in school.

Vive La France!