A trip to the theatre

On a frosty Monday morning last, eighty 5th Year higher level English students accompanied by their teachers Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Sheehan set off for Garter Lane Theatre in Waterford for Cyclone Rep's production of Shakespeare's famous 'Scottish Play' Macbeth.  

What awaited the students was a production that was very different from the normal portrayal of this tragedy.  Using only four actors, this company dipped in and out of the most important scenes in the play, encouraging audience interaction and participation while sticking true to the storyline and historical facts of the play.  With their clever use of lighting, props and animation on a backdrop, the students were fascinated by the production and also appreciated the  humour that the cast added to what is a very dark storyline.

A fantastic day was had by all and the students will no doubt find this to have been a very helpful outing in their study for their Leaving Cert. (All survived without being struck by the famous 'Curse of Macbeth'!!!)