A Blast From The Past



In September of 2010 a T.Y. group began an intergenerational
Project with Cashel Day Care Centre. The aim of this project was to
produce a book of interviews with Senior Citizens who attend the
Centre. The interviews focused on their lives and times from the
early to mid twentieth century in Ireland. The book called “A Blast
form the Past” was published in December 2010. All proceeds
from the sale of the book will go to the Day Care Centre.
An additional aspect of this project was to enter it into the Young
Social Innovators (Y.S.I.) Competition, in which thousands of T.Y.
students participate each year. Y.S.I. promotes social awareness
among young people. The six students who carried on the project
this year will present the book at a regional final of Y.S.I. in
This is a great achievement for the students involved and they
are very grateful to the Senior Citizens who gave their time and
shared their memories so willingly with them.