2 students and 2 staff to travel to Kenya with Concern

Cashel Community School is among a group of 20 schools who have consistently been involved in fundraising each year for Concern and have over the years raised substantial ammounts.

Concern have a programme in place of selecting a school from this group each year to take part in an educational trip to some of their projects in a developing world country.

We have the honour of been selected this year.

  • This involves a week long trip in July to Kenya for a teacher and 2 senior students.
  • Those involved will visit and take part in various activities and projects that are run by concern.
  • All projects are based around Naiarobi, the capital.

Congratulations are in order for the two 5th Year Students who were selected – Jake Ryan – Knockavilla and Maeve Walsh –  Moyglass. The students will be accompanied on this trip by Mrs. Margaret Meagher and Fr. Moloney.